Raw Coconut Oil, Samoan, Organic

Raw Coconut Oil, Samoan, Organic

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100% organic and unrefined Samoan Coconut Oil. To be used as a hair and body oil, face oil to cleanse, makeup remover, on cuts and scrapes and as an everyday moisturizer!  This stuff is pure gold! Soaks deeply into the skin without leaving a greasy feel like conventional oils!

This is centrifuge style so ripe coconuts that have fallen from the tree are made into a cream and put through a centrifuge machine spinning out the purest, cleanest oil ever! Try it for yourself and see the difference!

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I purchased 2 Samoan Coconut Oil bottles, and one of the mango essential oils while vacationing in Kauai. My skin feels "dreamy, soft, and supple" and no ill-effects to skin either! Don't need to use a lot of the product it packs a punch!

- Denise Paterson, Satisfied Customer