Hawai'ian Floral Facial WATERS- Organic

Hawai'ian Floral Facial WATERS- Organic

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Awaken the skin & refresh the senses with these facial floral waters made with Kaua'i and Hawai'i grown floral water aka healing waters aka hydrosols. 

These are loaded with plant extracts to help awaken & heal the skin as well as provide a mental uplift.. PERFECT for after workout, anytime you or your skin needs a boost- I spray all day long & right before bed!

It is a great facial toner- and the coffee is wonderful for cellulite and tightening the skin- the awapuhi and turmerics will help heal problem skin and conditions all over the body and face

Hawai'i distilled water, Hawai'i & Kaua'i Hydrosol, Vitamin E

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