Where can I ship?

We can ship products to any state in the Continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, and Internationally.

We charge a flat rate fee of $10.00 per domestic order. All orders are shipped from Hawaii and please allow 3-5 processing days. International shipping is $20+

What ingredients do you use in your products?

I seek ingredients that are unique in nature & beneficial to the skin. Raw and ALWAYS ORGANIC ingredients to ensure no chemicals and toxins are soaked into the bloodstream through the skin. I use true and authentic butters and oils to give you that aloha feel.

I use rare HAWAI'I GROWN ESSENTIAL OILS, Kaua'i and Hawai'i Hydrosols which are floral and healing waters, and the ultimate Kaua'i Beeswax. Each of these ingredients supports the local economy and gives back to the land.

How do I order wholesale?

Please contact us directly at sarahssweetscrubs@gmail.com to discuss wholesale options.

Gift Cards

Please contact me at sarahssweetscrubs@gmail.com to redeem gift cards I have to add your one-time use code into the system for you to redeem it.

Where can I buy your products?

Please visit the link for stockists at the bottom of this page.

Are any of your products VEGAN

Yes, the only products NOT VEGAN is the sunblocks, creams and lotion bars- stay tuned as I will be making beeswax less products for all you Sweet fans!

Why do you use Hawai'i Grown Essential Oils?

Because they are the true essence of the tropics and because they are the actual plants they offer the full benefits and I am able to maintain tropical fragrances and perfumes without harmful synthetic chemicals

Will your products help skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dry cracked skin, acne?

Customer feedback as well as the benefits of the ingredients in my products are known to help heal and soothe skin conditions... many people have benefitted from the bars, creams and first aid bug relief spray to heal these issues... You can read about the benefits in the SHOP section on each product