Aloe Lotion Bar, Organic

Aloe Lotion Bar, Organic

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Our lotion bar featuring the wondrous healing plant aloe! This bar is smooth, skily, melts on contact with the skin and soaks right in! It will tone, soften and rejuvenate your skin leaving it looking hydrated and supple.

Great for all skin types, known to relieve rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, and uncomfortable dry cracked winter skin!

Aloe, mango, fair trade cocoa & shea butters, Samoan coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, KAUAI beeswax, essential oil and Hawaiian Grown essential oils, organic oils

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I used my Sarah's Sweet Scrubs Aloe After-Sun Organic Lotion Bar the other day when I got a bit too much sun on my forehead. It worked so well to sooth and calm. You only need to use a little bit so this is going to last a long time. This product was made in Kauai and smells so nice with the pineapple & lillikoi scent.

- Satisfied Customer