Hawai'i Bug Spray- Organic

Hawai'i Bug Spray- Organic

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This is the ultimate bug repellant. It is a proven formula gifted to me from some very dear friends that have been using this recipe for almost 20 YEARS... I am so grateful to be able to share this bug spray with you!

It has a pleasant smell, not the usual funky smell of bug spray. Safe for all age groups too!

Close your eyes and spray over the head and hair and down to your feet. This has A LOT of essential oils so you do not have to spray directly on the skin if you prefer not to- over the clothes and shoes is just fine especially if you or your keiki is sensitive!

It is the scent that repels the bugs not the physical oil- so even spraying by doors and in the air works as well though may not be as potent so you will need to use it more frequently.



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