Hawaii Grown Essential Oils, Organic

Hawaii Grown Essential Oils, Organic

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Handcrafted, grown and distilled organically right here in Hawaii- these rare oils are one of the reasons why my line of products is so different and so unique! These are high quality, hand crafted oils of true authenticity! These oils have many different benefits from helping the skin, clearing the mind or just to transport you back to a tropical paradise island! 2ml or 1/2oz sizes AND don't forget you USB diffuser for hours and hours of scent!

Ready to use already in a little bit of organic fractionated coconut oil for perfume, addition to candles, air freshener, clothes drier balls, diffusers, etc... use as you would any essential oil! If you would like a different size or any interest in pure oil please email sarahssweetscrubs@gmail.com


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How to Use

Use as a perfume, as a compress, in a bath or foot bath, bottom of the feet, in coconut oil as a facial mask, body oil, diffuser, on a candle, on a drier ball, paper towel to scent a room, use in your favorite oil to rub on problem area, also many other uses!

Kamani/ Tamanu Oil 

clear skin and even out tone and texture, regenerates new skin cells, great first aid put on wounds and scars, warts, insect bites, helps greatly reduce scars, brown spots and stretch marks, anti aging, helps the condition of psoriasis and eczema, cuts and scrapes.

Awapuhi/ Ginger Root Oil 

helps relieve inflammation and digestive issues, antibacterial, congestion, morning sickness, Aphrodisiac!! Rub oil directly onto stomach to ease tummy pains, great for acne.


Aphrodidisac, sexy, alluring scent to all those around it,, antispasmodic, warming, improves blood circulation, can be used as a deodorant., antidepressant. Promotes good vibes! Promotes oving relaxed feelings!


Treats infections, heals wounds, especially bladder infections, traditionally used in treating fevers and cleansing the body, insomia, menstrual imbalances, sedative, anti-inflammatory, headaches, stress.

Pikake (Jasmine)

 Rejuvenates skin, promotes can help in treating dry or dehydrated skin, eczema and dermatitis, anit-inflmmatory, analgesic, sedative, antidepressant, anxiety and wound healing and helps ladies during menstruation.


Helps relieve inflammation, back aches, tinnitis, moisturizing effects to heal dry and cracked skin, an astringent, aphrodisiac, purifying properties, relaxes nerves and muscles, promotes feelings of peace and tranquility.


Boosts the immune system, effective at treating colds and coughs, speeds the healing of cuts and scrapes, anti-inflammatory for joints, promotes skin hydration, helps protect against constipation and IBS. 


Anti aging, chock full of vitamin c and a and nutrients, promotes good feelings and an antidepressant.

Mango Being rich in fatty acids Leaves hair healthy and strong and may prevent hair loss, promotes feeling of ease and comfort



I had the pleasure of trying Sarah's Sweet Scrubs early this year and I was instantly in love! The blends of essential oils and Hawaiian essentials truly sets Sarah's Sweet Scrubs apart from the rest. The sugars have just the right grain for a great exfoliation and the coconut oil they use is so divine. Never have I experienced higher quality coconut oil!

- Tori Ann Jewell


Super friendly and helpful, great customer service!

- Satisfied customer