Meet Sarah

All her life Sarah had an interest and passion for skin health, diet and healthy eating. At a young age she knew intuitively that what you put on your skin and in you body mattered on a cellular level. Growing up She used the same products every kid her age used- synthetic, acne clearing, anti aging storm of chemical junk with a mix of what she thought was "natural" stuff. It was NOT natural. 

Her passion for health led her do research and she soon became aware of all the chemicals she was eating and using- all the while thinking it was healthy. So she decided to purge her cabinet and fridge and change her ways- only to realize that the organic skincare products did not meet her needs and frankly didn't meet her budget. 

Frustrated with this she decided to start using coconut oil, a friend in the past had introduced her to essential oils so she first started making sugar scubs for her personal use.. 

The stars started aligning. For a while she wanted to start business and find a way do her part in spreading the word about sustainabulity, chemicals and organic, and supporting local. She could not afford the right organic skincare products and it hit her "do it yourself" and Sarah's Sweet Scrubs was born in Kaua'i, Hawai'i... 

First it was scrubs, then lotion bars, and when you are sitting on the best ingredients the world has to offer and a intense passion for what you are doing the mind thinks of new ways to utilize them.. now, she has available to you a full line of chemical free organic skincare that will deeply heal your skin and protect it, organic perfumes and body spray, room sprays that you can use with piece of mind...

Most importantly she is thankful to have found such rare and wonderful ingredients and is fortunate to be able to make them affordable to share with YOU and hopes to INSPIRE you to change your life by TRANSFORMING your skin and supporting local,