ORGANIC Skincare & Perfumes made in Hawai'i with Kaua'i Beeswax & Honey, & RARE Hawai'i Grown Essential Oils & Floral Healing Waters

Sarah's Sweet Scrubs is the true meaning of what raw & organic skincare is all about. She starts with ingredients ETHICALLY sought out from remote parts of the world to yield something truly spectacular. Each batch is handmade with aloha & simplicity, keeping in mind the beauty of the ingredients & letting them speak for themselves-which is why so many rave about its healing properties & benefits.

She uses RARE tropical Hawai'i grown essential oils to enhance & achieve a truly authentic experience. So no synthetic ingredients are needed to make the wonderful scents of paradise! This is unique to her business as her oils are handcrafted in small batches and extremely sought after!

Sarah uses many ingredients from small farms in Ghana, Africa like her cocoa & shea butters, and supports many companies making small batch ingredients- like her Samoan coconut oil.

 This is a natural organic product and some natural settling/ hardening may occur due to temperature changes- no biggie, just rub into skin. Due to the raw and pureness of this product batches may differ but quality is always the same. Reef safe, Kid safe, gentle enough for those with skin conditions.



Why go Organic?

We at Sweet scrubs source all organic ingredients using unrefined and unprocessed oils & butters... We understand that what you put on your body absorbs into the skin and flows through your blood stream within 28 SECONDS so... we keep it CHEMICAL FREE while using raw nutrient rich ingredients!


Beeswax has been used for centuries and was considered a gift from the gods- Sarah uses it for its nutrient rich base, its healing properties, its ability to help absorb the butters and oils without leaving an oily feel and also it locks in moisture and provides a lovely protective barrier.. AND helps keep sunblock water resistant!